Zen holidays in the mountains
Summer season

Zen holidays in the mountains

Published March 30, 2021

"Want to recharge your batteries in an idyllic atmosphere?

Take advantage of our establishments located in the heart of Europe's highest resorts for a rejuvenation close to nature.

In an exceptional setting, allow yourself a moment of relaxation to refocus on your health and well-being. Take a break from time, breathe in the fresh summer air, listen to the echo of silence and concentrate on the serenity provided by the environment that surrounds you.

A real interlude during the summer, the mountains allow you to leave the worries of everyday life behind to recharge your batteries and boost your immunity.

Zen holidays in the mountains

Nature as a playground

From our locations Montagnettes, there are many idyllic spots to relax and take time for yourself, either on your own or with the help of a professional.
Promontories, lakeshores or riversides, rocks or green plains are all backdrops to help you relax.

Engaging in meditative practices in the open air, immersed in such magnificent nature, brings more openness and allows for a deeper disconnection. No longer do you struggle to ignore the surrounding noise of a closed room, push back the walls to live this experience in the open air, where the impression of infinity will follow you. It's easier to gain height and perspective. Escape (refocus) to the melodious sounds of nature: streams tickling your ears, a fresh breeze caressing your cheeks, the grass on which your bare feet are placed, etc. Everything around you is an invitation to contemplation and calm.

A yoga session at 2300 meters of altitude

This discipline has proven benefits for both the body and the mind. Indeed, a regular or even occasional practice allows to improve its flexibility and to reinforce its tonicity. This contributes at the same time to heal its back pain and strengthen its balance.

Yoga also allows you to learn how to breathe better, control your body and your concentration while becoming aware of your emotions. Naturally, a feeling of well-being and increased self-confidence will result from your sessions.

What could be more pleasant than to practice this sport in the grandiose scenery of the high mountains? Find your balance thanks to these giants of the Earth, which connect you to your true nature and to a more authentic life. A pure moment for yourself, listening to your senses in a setting conducive to letting go.

Zen holidays in the mountains

Let the Qi (Chi) flow

Backed by the thousand-year-old practices of Chinese medicine, the benefits of which have been demonstrated by science, the practice of Qi Gong will help you to circulate your energy and that of your environment in your meridians. Ideal to refocus, recharge, take care of yourself, surpass yourself, Qi Gong is above all an art of living in harmony with your own body and turned towards the serenity of the spirit.

The mountain is the perfect place to work on the circulation of energy in your meridians. As a source of energy itself, it allows for this salutary refocusing in an often very rhythmic and dynamic daily life.

Meditation to reconnect with yourself

Like yoga, meditation is a relaxing practice that will help you break free from your daily rhythm. Draw your energy from the majesty of the mountain to connect with your inner strengths and become fully aware of your emotions.

Come and bathe in the high altitude atmosphere, which will help you to soothe and purify your body as well as your mind.

Allow yourself a moment of inner peace in the fresh air, far from urban pollution and in an extraordinary setting, to simply be in the moment.

Sophrology, a work on oneself in the heart of nature

Spend time restoring the balance between your body and mind in the middle of the French Alps. Accessing a sophrology session in harmony with nature will allow you a total appeasement, a deep relaxation as well as a recharge of energy allowing you to resume your activities peacefully once your holidays are over.

Find serenity, well-being and self-awareness in this environment, which is alternately mineral, green or flowery. The variety of landscapes offers you multiple possibilities. Sophrology allows you to visualize your objectives and to gain height in the face of the challenges you encounter. Through breathing and relaxation, your mind can experience a real calm, your body can breathe again after lifting the weight on your shoulders.

Val Thorens, les Ménuires, Belle Plagne, Tignes, several destinations of choice to reconnect with your nature! »

Mountains in summer - What to put in your suitcase?

Mountains in summer - What to put in your suitcase?

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