Portrait of Francine Conejero, decorator

Published on January 28, 2016

The decoration is a keystone of the Groupe Montagnettes, an essential point, another proof of the importance of the subject, Francine, the decorator, is salaried. A sign of her attachment to her talent and style.

The creative soul

"Agnes, that's the point. I'm the research. Then we move hand in hand. "Francine Conejero les Montagnettes has been working for over a decade. Having met Studio Arch, the architects with whom she worked at the time (she was responsible for the decoration of the Hotel St Jacques du Montana in Tignes), she works in close collaboration with Agnès Girard, but also with marketing and, more broadly, with all the departments.

For themle Taos, they "didn't go to see what the hotels in the Rockies look like," preferring to work on instinct. "We let ourselves be immersed in the people, the scenery, the colors, the children, the local culture. From this "everything" comes the human side. A certain way of life. We try to imagine places that are as alive as possible. "In fact, the sensual charm emanating from the materials appeals to our senses, to our tactile impulses. The grace of the silks calls for caresses. Indeed, it is impossible to evoke the New Mexico region without evoking the fabric. Bold blends have been daring between ethnic-inspired fabrics and natural materials such as this boiled wool which, coming close to felt, made the decorator crack. El Caballo, a magnificent wooden horse in the reception area, is a unique piece from the furniture counter, found on Maison et objets.

Magnificent metal paintings by Thierry Rambaud, plastic artist and steel sculptor officiating in the panoramic room of the Beef & Lobster restaurant.

The linchpin

Relaxation or reception area, whatever the hotel's rooms, the colours selected give rise to hyper zen atmospheres, old blues, slightly faded colours that are close to natural pigments. In the same way, all the lights and furniture (bar, restaurant tables...) were designed by Francine before being custom-made by the craftsmen. In the rooms of the suites, paintings have been drawn on wood.
Without a doubt, Francine is the linchpin of this extra soul of the groupe Montagnettes.

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