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Summer hiking from Tignes

Published on January 8, 2023

Unmissable hikes accessible to all from Le Taos to Tignes le Lac. For nature, fauna and flora lovers, Tignes is made for you this summer! Not far from Taos by Montagnettes, discover great shows and enjoy the fresh air that the mountain offers. We have put together some beautiful walks for you to do with your family or friends for truly exotic discoveries.

Hiking from Tignes
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Lake Sassière, a real jewel of the Vanoise Park

It is a must, held by a dam at an altitude of more than 2000 metres, in the heart of the Grande Sassière Nature Reserve. It is an easy and accessible hike that will not take you more than 2 hours. The physical effort is far from being intense, but will allow you to meet our famous marmots, cows, even chamois or ibexes on the way, great isn't it? There are also many waterfalls, streams and hundreds of flowers in summer, enough to take your eyes full. Moreover, this lake has the particularity to be nestled in the hollow of big mountains, notably the summit of the Tsanteleina which culminates at 3602 meters and thus to have summits which are perfectly reflected in the water, just magical!

To reach the start of this hike, you will have to take the direction of Val d'Isère at the Chevril dam, then you will take on the left after some tunnels towards the Villaret du Nial. Once you have passed this village, you will continue your way to the parking lot of the Saut dam a few bends above. Here begins the wide dirt road that will lead you to the lake of Sassière by following the valley. For a return trip, we advise you to cross the Chevril dam and to go back down by a path on the right which will bring you back to the parking of the Saut dam, for a very pleasant walk.

Hiking from Tignes
Tignes Development

The Gouille and the Salt Waterfall

Other nuggets that you can find during your stay in your stay in the Taos in Tignes, waterfalls and pools of water. The gouille de Salin is just incredible and is one of the nicest things to see here, its water is incredibly clear and the panorama around it, preserved and wild, with a view of the Lac du Chevril in the background is sumptuous. It will take you about 20 minutes to get to the gouille from Tignes le Lavachet, then another 10 minutes to reach the bottom of the waterfall. If you enjoy the place a little bit on the spot, count 1h30 for the round trip.

The trail starts at Tignes le Lavachet, without any particular difficulty, but we advise you to bring good walking shoes. For flower lovers, you will have the chance to discover dozens of different kinds of flowers on your way, and the commune of Tignes installs cards next to their shoots every summer to find out more about them.

You will discover a completely natural, protected and open-air botanical trail, happiness! You will find yourself in front of several crossroads of paths, each time you will have to take the direction of "la gouille de Salin". You will always have to choose the path that continues straight ahead. And after just a few minutes of walking, get ready to take in the view!

We advise you to be on site between 11 am and 3 pm to be able to admire the sunny gouille.
This turquoise pool of water nestled in the hollow of the forest then flows along the rock and turns into a waterfall several tens of meters high. To find it and be able to admire it, you will have to go up a little, then take a path that goes down on the right (or on the left if you come from Lavachet) and which indicates the direction of the waterfall and the Lac du Chevril. After only 10 more minutes of walking in a still exceptional panorama, you will arrive at your destination. Don't hesitate to try a refreshing shower!

Hiking from Tignes
Tignes Development

Les Brévières

The easiest of the hikes we recommend. Count about 30 minutes to reach the place. To start this walk, you will have to go to Tignes-les-Brévières, a large car park at the entrance of the village will allow you to park without any problem. Even if it is possible to make a loop around the stream, we advise you to make a round trip to the forest side, much more pleasant than walking on the road!

The ideal is to go there for a picnic, the corner is really nice with large spaces and the view of the turquoise water, almost like a lagoon. Sublime!

Andy Parant

Find all the hikes in Tignes on the resort's website. Tignes is part of the Vanoise National Park just like La Plagne. So explore the hikes available in La Plagne!

Lovers of nature, fauna and flora? Tignes is made for you this summer!

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