Who are we?

At Montagnettes, we need to make sense to what we do !

The long-term commitment to this territory of Savoie is undoubtedly one of the particularities of our company. When we study a new project, we take a time frame of 20 to 40 years. To do this, it is essential for us to take ownership of the projects and build a history in line with our values. We have been accompanying the development of our establishments and companies in a coherent and long-term manner for almost 30 years.

It requires a willingness to work daily as a team, and the desire (and pleasure) to grow together. To move forward. To surpass oneself. To compete... It is with these mountain values in mind that all the employees of Montagnettes are involved every day and contribute to the development of our activities in a real spirit of creativity, excellence, progress and surpassing oneself in order to reinvent the hospitality of our mountains.

It is from this richness that the know-how and the extra soul of Montagnettes were born.


More than 30 years in hospitality:

- 1992 / Montagnettes Lombarde in Val Thorens
- 1993 / Montagnettes Soleil in Val Thorens
- 1994 / Montagnettes des Cimes in Belle Plagne
- 1995 / Montagnettes du Vallon in Belle Plagne
- 1995 / Montagnettes Val Bel in Val Thorens (now Soleil 2)
- 1997 / Le Hameau de la Sapinière in Les Menuires
- 2000 / Les Chalets de la Mouria in Courchevel
- 2002 / L'Oxalys in Val Thorens
- 2006 / Montalys in Les Menuires
- 2012 / Le Hameau du Kashmir in Val Thorens
- 2015 / Le Taos in Tignes
- 2022 / Ynycio in Tignes

• 2022 / The Villa Caroline at Duingt (lac d'Annecy)

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