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Design hotels in the mountains

Published on May 24, 2017

In our last two projects, Kashmir and le Taoswe felt the need to express a new way of creating mountain worlds.

This style " ethnique-chic ", which is inspired by the craftsmanship of the mountains of the world, is materialized by completely different atmospheres from one establishment to another, thanks to details of furnishing, colours and choice of materials.

Francine Conejero, who first worked with Agnès on a freelance basis on the project in 2001, and then as an employee of the group since 2006, has been working on it with great pleasure. Oxalys project in 2001, and then as an employee of the group since 2006, who takes great pleasure in doing so.

It is quite rare for groups of builders to have their interior designer living at home. For us, it was a matter of course.

We felt the need to perceive together the sensitivity of our customers and to do together what we liked. Everybody is commenting on this as they pass Francine's office on their way to get their coffee in the morning.

By the way, it looks more like a real Ali Baba's cave, at some stages of construction it is overflowing with samples, colors, fabrics, magazines and tutti quanti ! A source of mutual inspiration for all...The interior atmosphere is carried by Francine, our decorator, during long months of work to study and then validate the axes of decoration of the rooms and common spaces.

Inspiration always comes from the mountains, our true roots, which are also nourished by the exoticism of the other mountains of the world, by our travels, by our dreams.

The ethnic chic side comes to nourish this reflection and is the guiding thread of our achievements.

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