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Build, Maintain & Renovate

Published June 20, 2019

This year it Groupe Montagnettes celebrates its 27th anniversary

Since 1992, we have built 10 establishments and our real estate portfolio has evolved. Its maintenance has been structured around technical excellence and the pleasure of creating (and re-creating) new decorative universes.

Commitment at the heart of our implementation strategy

Montagnettes is unique in that it co-finances, builds, operates and maintains its assets on a long-term basis. Sustainable development is not a meaningless word because it commits us to our territory over several decades, with a certain freedom of tone. It also commits us to our partners, our customers and our employees, whom we all hope will remain loyal for a long time to come.

Given the complexity of operations and the limited duration of the seasons, the choice of destinations is based on our strategy of setting up, at high altitude, in internationally renowned resorts with a highly diversified clientele and a high export rate. The location, at the foot or in the immediate vicinity of the slopes, is of prime importance.

Achievements with a clearly identifiable style 

When all the ingredients are in place, the design and then construction work is set up with regular partners such as Studio Arch, an architectural firm that has always contributed to the design of our buildings. The objective is clear for Montagnettes : to create unique, differentiating buildings, whose style is clearly identifiable ; a certain perception of interior spaces, a sense of colour and openness. Francine Conejero, our decorator, has been working for many months to study and validate the interior design of the rooms and common areas.

Inspiration always comes from the mountains, our true roots, which are also nourished by the exoticism of the other mountains of the world, by our travels, by our dreams.

The ethnic chic side comes to nourish this reflection and is the guiding thread of our achievements.

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