Vibrate in the universe ofYnycio
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Vibrate in the universe ofYnycio

Published on October 25, 2022

Located in Tignes, the new premium establishment by Montagnettes promises to be THE place to be in the festive Val Claret area. Guests are immersed in a world inspired by the mountains of Argentina.

Meet Francine Conejero, our decorator, who tells us about her work on Ynycio and her inspirations.

When you start a large project likeYnycio, how do you proceed?

In general, I do research on the country, its culture, its inhabitants, its customs. With Agnès (the CEO of Montagnettes), we started with the theme of Argentina for Ynycio. It is a country that speaks to me particularly. Argentina is a huge country with varied landscapes such as the pampas, the salinas, the lagoons, the land of fire... Argentina is not only about tango, far from it! We worked on the city and the province of Salta. The city is surrounded by mountains. The buildings are of colonial style but with a very marked Andean heritage too.

We also notice a wide variety of fabrics in the decoration ofYnycio. What are your inspirations ?

One of the inspirations is the Argentine gauchos (the horsemen of the Pampa). They are sort of like the Argentine cowboys. So I used fabrics identical to the saddles of the gauchos for the sofas for example. We also have fabrics with ethnic patterns. We also have carpets with cowhide patterns. This finally reminds the Argentinean breeders while echoing our Savoyard breeders who live in our mountains.

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We find bright and softer colors. Why this choice?

We played a lot on the aspect of the Argentinean haciendas with red and bright walls. We dared to use black ceilings and red colors. The common spaces are very lively unlike the private spaces which are more soothing. When you are in an apartment, you enjoy this calm and cocooning atmosphere. As soon as you leave your apartment, the warmth of the colors wakes you up and attracts you.

In the wellness area, we have opted for earthy colors with vaults. We also have a tapestry that recalls the traces of the indigenous people as the Incas, the Toba, the Atacama. It's a bit like a cave painting.

What is the link between Argentina and Tignes?

It's the world of the mountain that brings the two together. Moreover, in terms of decoration, we have imitation wood floors to remind us of this mountain side. Ynycio is an establishment that is very open to the outside thanks to its transparency. So the link is natural. The exterior panorama enhances our decoration. It is nature that makes the landscape above all.

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Another major challenge for Ynycio is the restaurant. Chef Juan Arbelaez will be taking up residence in Tignes with the Bazurto. A concept that already exists in Paris. How did you adapt it?

It was really something very interesting to mix the atmosphere of Argentina with that of Colombia for the Bazurto. We adapted the decoration of the existing Bazurto in Paris to the one in Tignes. For example, on the bar, we went for something very Spanish and Argentinean. A magnificent fresco will be painted on the ceiling by Alexandra Arango, a Colombian artist. But you'll have to come and see it for yourself!

Ynycio and its restaurant Bazurto will open in Tignes on December 3, 2022.

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