Snooc who can in Val Thorens!
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Snooc who can!

Published on December 1, 2022

Do we Snooc or not? Discover this new comfortable and fun way of skiing. If you like good mountain tours and the adrenaline of a ski descent, this activity is for you!

How to share a moment in the mountains with completely different people, whether they are skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, cross-country skiers, but also to share something else than the fondue?

If you want to discover the mountains in a different way by experimenting with a new way of sliding, in a playful, sporty and very fun way, take a SNOOC and join your friends for an incredible experience!

To Snooc or not to Snooc? Discover this new comfortable and fun way of sliding

With the closure of the ski lifts due to the health situation and COVID19, there is a lot of talk about ski touring, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing at the moment. Indeed, this unexpected closure of the ski lifts has given a big boost to these outdoor activities. However, other lesser-known activities such as SNOOC offer sporting and fun alternatives that are accessible to all. Sensations guaranteed!

Go down or go up, it's your choice!

There are 2 categories of SNOOC: Downhill and Touring.
The classic version, the Downhill, is made up of a 140 cm long ski with a carbon suspension and a thermoformed seat, which gives you real comfort to enjoy the descents with maximum pleasure.

To Snooc or not to Snooc? Discover this new comfortable and fun way of sliding

The SNOOC descent will bring you incredible sensations of speed and glide. You will have almost like a ski, the possibility to make beautiful turns and to stop with devastating skids, far from the traditional luge, the SNOOC is definitely much more playful and rich in terms of sensations.

In partner resorts with facilities such as La Plagne where the Chalets by Montagnettes Peaks and Vallonyou can rent a SNOOC, take the lifts and then just enjoy the ride down. Discover the SNOOC on the "Colorado" slope from 1.30pm to 6.30pm.

And if you have your own SNOOC Downhill, you can go to the resorts where it is allowed, such as Tignes, where you can find Le Taos by Montagnettes.

So what's the alternative without the lifts?

The solution is the SNOOC Touring! An ecological winter equipment, because with it you can ski tour and go up the mountain without using the lifts. You will enjoy a better view and discover new places that are inaccessible by the lifts.

To Snooc or not to Snooc? Discover this new comfortable and fun way of sliding

Composed of 2 skis, bindings and a pair of skins, it almost looks like a touring ski but much more simplistic. The bindings are easily adjustable according to your feet and shoes, so you can easily practice climbing with classic après-ski. On the way up, you have a bag on your back with the suspension and seat, so once you get to the top, you can turn your equipment into a SNOOC Downhill.

The Snooc Touring initiations are done with an instructor in beautiful natural areas. You can also get yours on the brand's website.

Seminars: choose SNOOC to bring your staff together

The SNOOC activity is particularly adapted to groups and therefore to company seminars.

An outdoor activity to share together in the mountains, for skiers or non-skiers. Share the laughter and emotions that SNOOC will bring to your life for a great team building experience.

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