Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !
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Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !

Published on December 27, 2022

Chef Juan Arbelaez invites himself to the new premium establishment of Montagnettes at Tignes Val Claret, YNYCIO. The concept, which already exists in Paris, is coming to our mountains with some adaptations in the dishes and decoration. A place that will certainly become "The place to be" in Tignes.

From 5pm, the restaurant welcomes its customers in an "after-ski" atmosphere. The menu offers tapas and cocktails that make you travel. The Latino atmosphere rises to a crescendo until the middle of the night for festive dinners.

Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !
Chef Juan Albelaez - Restaurant Bazurto Tignes - Copyright: Pookie Cookie

Meeting with Juan Arbelaez, the chef of Bazurto Tignes.

Of Colombian origin, this generous and hyperactive chef juggles between several restaurants, the creation of cookbooks and products such as olive oil, media interventions, involvement in humanitarian organizations...

"I only commit to projects that I really care about, that I will give unselfishly to. I'm lucky enough to only do things I love!"

And Montagnettes is fortunate to have this exceptional chef at the helm of Bazurto Tignes!

Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !
Bazurto restaurant at Tignes Val Claret - Copyright: Pookie Cookie

What has influenced your career path?

"In addition to the encounters I've had around the world, especially with producers, or my experience with exceptional chefs like Pierre Gagnaire, it is above all my Colombian origins that have shaped my personality in the kitchen. You'll often find touches of chili or lime, for example."

Compared to the Bazurto in Paris, what are the particularities of the restaurant in Tignes?

"I am lucky to go to the mountains a few times a year, and to have many friends there, especially cooks. I already know and love the products, without knowing it I have already been adopted by the mountain. We worked to offer something original and different. For example, the traditional meats that we make over a wood fire, al carbon, in Colombia, the idea is to put a final touch with cheese from Savoy, to adapt to the region. We will also propose a corn risotto, for example, that we will bind with aged Beaufort cheese..."

Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !
Normandy Prime Rib - Copyright: Pookie Cookie

How do you feel about this new adventure?

"For us, coming to the mountain is an important step. We are always so well received. I am happy to start with a resort like Tignes, which is a family resort and very human. We are surrounded by friends like Agnès, who is well established in the mountains with the groupe Montagnettes We are very happy to be able to create this story with them. We arrive with a lot of humility and joy, and we hope to be able to warm the bodies and hearts of all those who come to taste the Colombian cuisine!"

The gastronomic restaurant Bazurto proposes a menu mixing the products and flavors of Colombia and the Alps. An explosive cuisine that will delight your taste buds!

"Arepas (Colombian corn bread) grilled with truffle;
Marinated trout ceviche with beet;
Caldito de res (Colombian pot au feu);
Prime rib & mont d'or plain or truffle;
Risotto of crozets with coconut milk;
Grenailles with Beaufort cheese;
Risotto of corn with truffles;

Discover the universe and the menu of Bazurto

Juan Arbelaez invites himself to Ynycio !
Copyright: Pookie Cookie

The Bazurto restaurant is open to all and all week from 5pm to 2am.

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