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How to prepare your summer vacations in the mountains?

Published February 17, 2023

This year, you have decided: you are going to the mountains during your summer vacations! To prepare your vacations in the best way, here are our precious advices to not miss anything: your reservation, the physical preparation, what to put in your suitcase,...

Reserve in advance

Mountain vacations have one big advantage over seaside vacations: the attractive prices. For example, you can stay one week at Hameau du Kashmir in Val Thorens for 203€/person ! Unique rates that you would never find elsewhere for a high quality and comfortable accommodation.

In addition, we offer you 3 half-day guided hikes with the Belleville guide bureau when you book a stay in Val Thorens or at Hameau de la Sapinière in Les Menuires.

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Get in shape if possible

If you plan to do a lot of hiking during your vacation, we advise you to train beforehand. Walk regularly, start running,...

Here's the perfect combo for successful preparation: walk, stretch, educate yourself and equip yourself. There is no secret to success. You have to train regularly.

All our advice to prepare yourself before a hike

Be Prepared

The most important thing to keep in mind when packing to spend the summer in the mountains is that the weather is difficult to predict. Some summers at high altitude, it happens that a few snowflakes fall on the summits at the end of the day when the sun has shone all morning.

In the mountains in summer, all weather conditions are possible in one day. You have to prepare your suitcase accordingly.

Here's everything you'll need:

  • Light and comfortable clothing such as t-shirts and shorts
  • Fleeces, very necessary when the weather gets cold
  • A windbreaker or a small warm jacket for the evenings when you want to admire the stars
  • A bathing suit to enjoy the pools or the relaxation areas of our establishments
  • Good shoes because you will surely walk or hike
  • A backpack for hiking and walking
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • A water bottle to keep you hydrated during your physical activities
  • A cap or hat to avoid sunburn
  • Your phone to document all your vacations

Mountains in summer - What to put in your suitcase?

Pack your bags according to your activities

Do you already have an idea of what activities you will do during your vacation? If the answer is yes, you can easily adapt what you need to pack for your stay.

For example, if you are going to hike, we recommend that you take poles even if it is not mandatory. They can still be useful. If you plan to hike at the end of the day, take a headlamp or flashlight.

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If your summer activity is biking, you will need to pack other things in your suitcase such as protections like leggings, back protections,... for downhill biking; a bike helmet, your bike;... You can rent a bike in the resorts as well as equipments if you change your mind once you arrive and you can't resist the call of the two wheels

In any case, don't forget to take a small snack such as almond paste or dried fruits for the cravings and a little money if you wish to rest a little in a refuge or restaurant of altitude.

Tignes Development

For life in the resort, whether in Tignes, Val Thorens or Les Menuires, take mid-season clothes and very light clothes because the temperatures can easily rise. The sun can be very hot in the mountains but when the clouds pass it can quickly cool down. In your suitcase, be sure to pack T-shirts, shorts, pants, vests and fleeces, a raincoat, and a small jacket for cooler evenings. The mountain in summer is above all a unique and friendly atmosphere, the tranquility, the beauty of nature, the panoramic views of the peaks, ... This will make you forget that sometimes the weather is a little capricious.

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