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What are the benefits of a stay in the mountains in summer?

Published on April 24, 2023

Going to the mountains is a guarantee of a breath of fresh and invigorating air. Our body adapts and exceeds itself. In addition to the benefits on the body, the mountain has positive effects on our morale. Here are the 5 benefits of a summer stay in the mountains.

Spending time at the top

Vacations in the mountains are often synonymous with sports activities. We increase our physical capacities in a few days. The higher we go, the less oxygen we have. We get out of breath and our heart beats faster. To cope with this change, our body adapts and creates more red blood cells in the blood. This has the effect of really doping us because EPO is released in our body.

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The mountains have an energizing effect on the body. This effect is multiplied tenfold once you descend to a lower altitude. This is why many sportsmen and women go to the mountains for oxygenation. They are looking for better performance. For example, if you hike in Val Thorens or Les Menuires, you will benefit for several days after your return!

The oxygenation stays with Montagnettes

Escape to de-stress

On vacation, we are mostly looking for rest. What better way to relax than in the mountains and their tranquility? You reconnect with the essential while admiring the magnificent landscapes. The panoramas of the mountain bring you an immediate appeasement which has positive effects on your well-being.

The little extra: unlike crowded beaches, you will have no trouble finding quiet places to lounge around.

Enjoy the freshness of the morning
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Find freshness and fill up on vitamin D

In recent years, summer often rhymes with heat waves. At altitude, the coolness is always present. For every 300 meters you climb, you lose an average of 2 degrees. Moreover, many lakes and water points allow you to refresh yourself further. This is the case of the lake of Tignes where many activities are organized on the nautical base.

In the mountains, the sun is just as present as on the beach. This gives you a boost thanks to the production of vitamin D, which is much needed after the winter.

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In short, you can enjoy beautiful sunny days to fill up on vitamin D and sleep peacefully at night thanks to the natural air conditioning of the mountain.

Summer holidays: why choose the mountains over the sea?

Bye bye dust mites!

This is a benefit that we don't think much about. Dust mites, which are responsible for many allergies and respiratory problems, are not present in the mountains! They develop less than in the city. In fact, at an altitude of 1000 meters, they are 50% less numerous. Above 1500 meters, they have almost disappeared. This is a good thing since our establishments are located above 1850 meters of altitude.

Enjoying yourself

Rich in gastronomy, the mountains have many surprises in store for your taste buds. Local cheeses such as Tomme and Beaufort, freshly picked blueberry pie, raclette and fondue, aperitifs and digestives,... You will taste 100% local and typical dishes for very pleasant gustative adventures. You can also discover the life in a mountain pasture thanks to the high altitude farms.

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You will also be able to taste dishes made from local products, fruits and vegetables planted by our chef in our Beef&Lobster restaurant in Val Thorens open from July 8th to September 2nd 2023.

Do you need more arguments to convince you that the mountains are the ideal place for a successful vacation whether as a couple, with friends or with the family? We look forward to welcoming you from July 8th to September 2nd in Val Thorens, Les Menuires and Tignes.

The oxygenation stays with Montagnettes
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The oxygenation stays with Montagnettes

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