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Walking in the mountains and its benefits

Published March 30, 2023

If there is one activity that everyone can do, it is walking! This activity is very accessible. The key is to practice it at your own pace. The benefits of walking are numerous, both on the body and on the morale.

Your body will thank you

Hiking helps to stimulate the formation of bone tissue while strengthening your immune system. This practice is also recommended if you suffer from osteoarthritis. You will reduce the pain while maintaining a certain muscular form. This activity also improves your breathing which is recommended if you suffer from chronic bronchitis or asthma. By oxygenating yourself more through hiking, you also help to strengthen your brain.

Walking also helps to maintain your muscles when you practice it 2 to 3 times a week. You burn an average of 300 Kcal per hour if you walk at 4 km/h. In one morning of walking (the equivalent of 4 hours), you burn more than 1200 kcal. If you want to lose weight by walking, you just have to combine it with a diet.

Your body will thank you
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Finally, you limit the cardiovascular risks. Like other sports activities, hiking protects the vessels and prevents cardiovascular diseases. You can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and lower bad cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that walking can reduce mortality by 25 to 35% in cases of coronary heart disease.

How to prepare for a hike?

A therapy for the mind

Hiking in the mountains allows you to enter in communion with nature. You reconnect with the essential and magnificent landscapes are offered to you. You can make a real introspection while walking and reach the summits. Walking awakens your senses: you observe the panorama, you listen to the whistling of the marmots, you smell the wild flowers,...

A therapy for the mind
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Walking is the first sport recommended in case of depression or low morale since it relaxes and reduces anxiety.

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